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Are Inmate Records Public in Itasca County, Minnesota?

Yes, inmate records are public in Itasca County, Minnesota, according to the Public Record Act. This means that individuals have the right to access and obtain information about inmates incarcerated within the county. The Public Record Act ensures transparency and accountability by allowing members of the public to access certain government records, including inmate records.

How to Find Inmate Records in Itasca County, Minnesota in 2024

To obtain inmate records in Itasca County, Minnesota, individuals have several options. One way is to visit the official website of the Itasca County Sheriff's Office. The website provides a dedicated section where individuals can search for inmate records. The online search feature allows users to enter specific criteria, such as the inmate's name or booking number, to retrieve the desired information. This convenient online access makes it easier for individuals to find inmate records without the need to visit a physical location.

Alternatively, individuals can also contact the Itasca County Sheriff's Office directly. By calling their office, individuals can inquire about the process of obtaining inmate records and any specific requirements that may need to be fulfilled. The staff at the Itasca County Sheriff's Office will provide guidance and assistance in accessing the desired inmate records.

Correctional Facilities in Itasca County, Minnesota

Itasca County, Minnesota is home to several correctional facilities. Here are some of the correctional facilities located in Itasca County along with their respective phone numbers and addresses:

  • Itasca County Jail: 440 1st Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MN 55744, Phone: (218) 327-2875
  • Itasca County Juvenile Detention Center: 440 1st Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MN 55744, Phone: (218) 327-2875

These correctional facilities play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and providing secure custody for individuals who have been arrested or sentenced. They adhere to strict protocols and regulations to ensure the welfare and security of both inmates and staff.

Lookup Inmate Records in Itasca County, Minnesota

To access inmate records in Itasca County, Minnesota, you can visit the following websites:

These websites provide valuable information and resources related to inmate records in Itasca County, Minnesota. By visiting these websites, individuals can find additional details about visitation rules, inmate canteen services, and other relevant information.